Evacusafe's 3 Wheel Transit Chair in use on home stairs

3 Wheel Transport Chair

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Evacusafe’s 3 Wheel Transit Chair has been specifically designed to assist members of your family at home, who may not be able to get themselves out of a house or building in an emergency. This may be due to disability or mobility issues, illness or other medical conditions. This Transit Chair is also ideal for occasional use such as family parties and social gatherings, business conferences and commercial events.

This chair is designed to assist you in transporting and moving mobility impaired people up and down the stairs in a variety of situations, and to help them get to a place of safety in emergency situations, such as a fire. The unique 3 wheel design moves swiftly and easily on the stairs and is easy to set up and use, making it both client and user friendly.

Although a lightweight product, the 3 Wheel Transit Chair is extremely strong, and designed to evacuate persons weighing up to 90Kg, with the aid of two helpers/attendants. When the chair is not in use it can be folded flat and stored in a small space.

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