What Do Our Customers Say?

Go Kids Go

Go Kids Go run workshops for manual and powered wheelchair users, healthcare students and professionals. The workshops for younger wheelchair users, aim to increase participant’s independence and confidence by teaching them key wheelchair skills.

As part of these workshops, they cover topics such as emergency evacuation, especially looking at a variety of techniques to safely evacuate from a building in the unlikely risk of an emergency.

The Challenge; Often the children they work with are unfamiliar and nervous when seeing an evacuation chair for the first time. They don’t know what to expect and it’s the team’s job to demonstrate just how easy and simple an evacuation chair is to use. The workshops provide the children a controlled environment to see the chair in action and gain the all important experience of being in the chair.

The evacuation chair is also used in their professional workshops, which are aimed at raising general awareness of the type of evacuation products available. Download full case study here [PDF]


Her Majesty’s Court Service needed to ensure that many of their buildings had Evacuation Chairs to ensure compliance with the new RRO regulations.  After demonstrating our products and explaining the service we could provide, HMCS regions started to place orders. We delivered and installed over 200 chairs around the country.  This was a very controlled operation, taking into account how complex a time system the Court Service operates and the security involved.   These were delivered on time and dozens of staff around the UK were also trained to Key Trainer standard.


The company had recently gone down the route of building mezzanines in many of their stores.  To ensure that in an emergency people could be evacuated from these upper levels the company invited quotes from different providers.  After consulting with Evacusafe and agreeing terms we started the process of delivering to all of the stores.  This was very complex as deliveries to store are carried out by a third party logistics company.  We liaised not only directly with them but also took full ownership of contacting each store manager directly and agreeing specific delivery times.  All chairs were delivered on time with the minimum of disruption.  Training on Key staff was also undertaken at various stores around the UK.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa Tower situated in Dubai is the world’s tallest building.  At over 2716 feet this magnificent feat of engineering dominates the landscape of the Emirate.  Evacusafe were asked to provide Evacuation Chairs to assist in the evacuation of people should it ever arise.  After meeting with Safety staff a full site survey was conducted jointly to ensure best coverage of the building.  This was carried out and Evacusafe Chairs are now situated at strategic points around the tower.  A large amount of training has also been carried out and this will remain ongoing as more of the building becomes occupied.