Evacuslider Rescue-sheets

Evacuslider Rescue-sheet being used to transport a patient

Evacusliders are a modern version of the Rescue-sheets used in hospitals and care homes to slide patients to safety during and evacuation. Unlike the older type of rescue-sheet, which is attached to the underside of a hospital mattress, all Evacusliders are quick to deploy and very easy to use.

Evacusliders provide a cost-effective solution where a mobility impaired person requires evacuation from a multi-level building and they overcome difficulties often found during evacuations due to the restricted width of narrow corridors, staircases and fire escapes. Patient comfort comes in the form of a thick foam mattress with a super smooth underside, making it suitable for moving persons who need to be transported horizontally.

We currently offer 3 different models of Evacuslider rescue-sheet, each offering a different level of comfort and flexibility.