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Bariatric Rescue-sheet Now Available From Evacusafe

Article date: 02/07/2015

The Premium Plus Evacuslider Rescue-sheet

Leading evacuation aid company, Evacusafe UK, has managed to strike another industry first with the launch of their brand new Premium Plus Evacuslider.  This newly developed rescue-sheet has been specifically designed to accommodate persons of a larger build.

Based on the traditional rescue-sheets used in hospitals and care homes for many years, Evacusliders have a modern twist that enables them to be deployed with a lot less effort as they simply unroll and are immediately ready to use.   They are an essential piece of kit for the facilitation of safe evacuation of anyone suffering from a disability or injury, whether physical or mental, which restricts their mobility.  Evacusliders are thick comfortable foam mattresses which help to cocoon the patient, securing them safely, with a super-smooth underside that enables sliding the patient to a place of safety in an emergency situation; making them perfect for easy transportation through narrow corridors and down stairways.

Paul Mitchell, Director of Evacusafe, said “The Premium Plus is a great addition to the Evacuslider family and complements the range extremely well.  Our previous slider, the Premium Adjustable model was another innovative design, which can be adjusted to fit smaller adults and children while our latest model is perfect for the opposite end of the scale and able to take bariatric patients weighing up to 182 kilos.

“Since we launched the Premium Plus model at London’s Excel last month we’ve taken the extra step of increasing production due to the amount of interest shown.  Customer feedback tells us that Evacusliders are becoming increasingly popular due to the low cost, convenience and ease-of-use and the fact that they do not take up a lot of room when they’re not being used”.

Additional details about the Premium Plus Evacuslider:

  • 10cm wider than the Premium Adjustable
  • Increased weight load of 182 kilos
  • Latest design of adjustable contoured head support cushion with forehead strap
  • 3 cross body straps with integrated material help to cocoon the patient
  • Top and bottom straps with integrated loops for variable length handles to aid moving the patient
  • 2 handles on each side to assist manoeuvring (e.g. from a bed to the floor or on narrower stairs or corridors)
  • Recommended minimum 4 person operation for larger persons

For further information or to make a purchase please visit www.evacusafe.net/store/premium-plus-evacuslider-rescue-sled.asp or contact the team on 01256 332723 or via email at info@evacusafe.net.

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