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Rent a Stairway Transit Chair for the Christmas Period for a Little Over 7 per Day

Article date: 08/12/2014

Rent a patient transport chair for the Christmas holidays

Do you have an elderly, disabled, or otherwise mobility impaired, friend or relative coming to visit you this Christmas? Or is there someone you would love to see at this time of year but their condition prevents them leaving their home? Are you worried about how they will cope getting up and down your stairs, or how you would get them to a place of safety in the event of an emergency?

Well, Evacusafe has the perfect solution available for you which provides you with complete peace of mind, at a cost of just over £7 per day.

As always Evacusafe, a leading innovator and manufacturer of specialist evacuation chairs, is offering a fantastic deal for the rental of their Patient Transport Chairs and Evacuation Chairs to cover the Christmas Holidays.

For the first time the Company are offering their 3 Wheeled Transit Chair to domestic customers, as well as their 4 Wheel Folding version. Both models are quick and easy to deploy, and very straightforward to use. The 3 wheeler in particular has been designed for use on smaller, narrower staircases and is extremely versatile due to its rear tri-wheel system which reduces the need to carry a person up or down stairs. The 4 wheeled model is also ideal for use in the home and can be used like a standard wheelchair on level ground thanks to its permanent 4 wheels. Please note that both models of chair require a minimum of two able bodied individuals in order to transport a person up and down the stairs.

For commercial use, such as work’s Christmas Parties and events, Evacusafe offer their Standard Tracked Evacuation Chair for rental. Designed to descend down a flight of stairs, these chairs are suitable for a single person operation and can be used on a wide variety of stairs.

As an extra treat, Evacusafe will allow any customers who rent a chair for the Christmas period to keep and use the chair for two weeks whilst only having to pay for one week’s rental. This works out at just over £7 per day. A price that will be difficult to find elsewhere, let alone beat!

David Della-Savina, Sales & Marketing Manager for Evacusafe, said “We have a lot of customers come to us wanting to rent evacuation chairs and transport chairs throughout the course of the year, however, Christmas is always a very popular time and we usually run out of stock quite quickly. The majority of rentals are for domestic use from people who have concerns about getting their elderly or disabled family members up and down the stairs and around the home.

“This year we’re renting both models of transit chair which are suitable for use in the home; the 4 wheeler and the lighter, slimmer 3 wheeled version. To keep in with the Christmas spirits and as a gesture of good will, Evacusafe are allowing customers an extra week’s rental free of charge ensuring they have the chair in place in plenty of time for when they need it”.

The price includes delivery and collection but you’ll need to hurry as the final date for placing your rental order is Friday 19th December 2014.

For further information, or to order now to ensure Christmas delivery, please contact Evacusafe UK on +44(0)1256 332723 or info@evacusafe.net

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