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The Importance of Servicing Your Evacuation Chairs

Article date: 19/10/2016

Evacuation Chair Servicing

One very important area of Health & Safety that is often either overlooked, perhaps not budgeted for or completely forgotten about by many companies, is the servicing of the safety equipment they have invested in.  Although such companies may have followed the relevant legislation guidelines, in relation to the provision of a safe means of escape for any mobility-impaired staff or visitors, do they ever consider that their emergency evacuation may not actually function correctly and smoothly, in the event of an emergency such as a fire, and therefore possibly leaving a mobility-impaired or otherwise disabled person in a serious vulnerable, or even life threatening, position?

Servicing your safety equipment, such as Evacuation Chairs, really is imperative for all businesses and comes with many benefits as well as peace of mind.  In the UK llegislation is in place that states how businesses have a responsibility to maintain any equipment used by its employees within the workplace.

Evacuation Chair manufacturer Evacusafe UK offers a professional servicing scheme where a qualified engineer will visit your premises and carry out a thorough service on all of your Evacuation Chairs for you, this can include other brands in addition to those made by Evacusafe.

Tony Gill, Director of Evacusafe said “From speaking to clients we’ve come to realise that sometimes it’s easy to buy the evacuation chairs, install them in place on the walls, tick that safety box and totally forget about them.  Certain elements, such as rubber tracks, can be susceptible to perishment over time and other components may cease if not used or serviced regularly.  This obviously poses an increased risk to clients and operators if the equipment is not kept operational”.

With each EvacuService you get:

  1. Evacusafe qualified service engineers
  2. Comprehensive service inspection
  3. Replacement of defective parts (under standard warranty terms for Evacusafe Chairs)
  4. Detailed Contract Service Report for your records
  5. Peace of mind

For further information about evacuation chair servicing, or to arrange a visit by one of our professional service engineers, simply visit www.evacusafe.net/evacuation-chair-servicing/ or call a member of the team on 01256 332723.

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