Evacuation Chairs for the Mobility Impaired

Evacusafe's Tracked Evacuation Chairs are designed to enable the safe and comfortable evacuation of mobility impaired people in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. A person may be unable to evacuate their self from a building due to disability, an injury, mental health, pregnancy or other medical conditions. Our evacuation chairs are designed for easy-of-use on stairways and fire escapes, as well as along flat surfaces.

Click the video below to see how easy our chairs are to use. We currently offer two models; Excel & Standard.

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We currently offer two models; our most cost-effective Standard Evacuation Chair and the Excel Evacuation Chair, which is an upgraded model and our best seller. Both are suitable for a single person operation, mainly operated on a straight continuous run, they can also be used (with some training) on a mild spiral, though this will be best suited for a 2 person operation.

Lightweight yet incredibly strong the chairs can transport persons of up to 182kg. The tracks create friction which acts as a brake to slow the descent and allow a smooth, controlled operation. Once ground level has been reached the handle folds away and the chair can be used as a temporary wheelchair. With a firm FLAT seat and armrests the evacuee can remain comfortable for long periods.

When not in use the chairs simply fold flat and are stored neatly on the wall with the hooks that are supplied. A tough plastic, long lasting cover is also provided as standard and this will help keep the equipment clean and ready for use.

Some points to consider when choosing your equipment

  • Does the chair have a flat, comfortable seat as standard?
  • Is it lightweight, under 14kg?
  • Does it fold out in one easy operation?
  • Is it on four wheels to help reduce heavy lifting & manual handling?
  • Does it have built in carry handles?
  • Do you get hooks, cover, signage, DVD, instructions included as standard?
  • Are you buying direct from the manufacturer?
  • Does it require expensive servicing and maintenance?
  • Does the manufacturer supply certificated training courses?
  • Is the product CE certified and the company ISO 9001 registered?
  • The Evacusafe Excel Evacuation Chair meets all of the above criteria.