Evacuation Chairs for Education

Schools, colleges, universities & training centres

Are you prepared for an emergency evacuation, possibly on a large scale? In the case of fire evacuation, Evacusafe's range of evacuation chairs increase safety in your education establishment for any injured, pregnant or mobility impaired students, staff and visitors.

In an emergency you may be faced with a high number of students and staff members looking to evacuate a building quickly. Our Tracked Evacuation Chairs and Transit Chairs (aka Patient Transport Chair) offer an ideal solution for the safe evacuation of any injured student or member of staff; or any mobility impaired person who requires a controlled exit from the building.

School stairway

Faculty members know the importance of pupil safety, as well as for members of staff and other visitors. Our evacuation chairs are installed and in operation in a number of education establishments:

  • Schools throughout the UK (secondary and primary schools)
  • Private and public schools and colleges
  • Colleges and higher education establishments
  • Universities and polytechnic colleges
  • Private colleges in the UK for international students

Advice for evacuation chairs in education establishments

If you would like further advice on how to use the Evacusafe evacuation chair for student and staff safety, please contact us or complete the enquiry form opposite.