Evacuation Chairs for Public Buildings

In a public building, visitor safety is paramount; especially in the case of an emergency.

The Evacusafe evacuation chair is ideal for new buildings and historic public buildings to cater for the Health and Safety requirements needed to ensure your visitors safety.

The Evacusafe evacuation chair system is mobile, easy-to-use (even for a single person) and can be stored out of the way at the top of staircases or in a stairwell.

Library building, external view

Our chairs are installed in many public buildings throughout the UK and Europe, including:

  • Government offices and local councils
  • Public courtrooms
  • Public libraries
  • Shopping centres
  • Museums
  • Social clubs and community centres

In fact, our evacuation chairs are perfect for any public building with a staircase or more than one floor. For more information about how we can help fulfill the safety obligations in your public building, please contact us today.