Fire Evacuation Chairs

The range of Evacusafe fire evacuation chairs is the perfect answer to effective fire safety equipment in your building and a perfect solution to disabled chairs for fire evacuation.

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Stairway evacuation with the Evacusafe Excel Evacuation Chair

Effective Evacuation Chairs For Fire Safety

We have a range of fire evacuation chairs and devices to suit your requirement:

Each of our fire evacuation chairs is suited to a specific application, so if you need advice, please contact us today.

Easy Storage Fire Evacuation Chair

Our lightweight fire evacuation chair folds to just 150mm and can be attached to a nearby wall to your fire exits and fire escapes.

At 12.5Kg, the chair is easy to unfold and be ready for action in case of a fire evacuation emergency.

Need Advice For Your Fire Evacuation Chair Requirements?

Evacusafe is not only a leader in the supply of fire evacuation chairs and fire safety equipment, we are also a leading health and safety advisor and so understand the relevant legislation and best practices for fire safety chairs in all environments.

We can advise you on the best fire evacuation chairs for your situation and also advise you on fire evacuation chair procedures, as well as supplying training or "train-the-trainer" training.

So, why not contact us today for some advice and prices on fire evacuation chairs for your building?