Evacuation Chairs for Hospitals

A hospital not only has patients and staff in attendance, but numerous visitors everyday, some of whom may not be able bodied and may need assitance leaving the building in the case of an emergency. In the event of and emergency, such as a fire, evacuation procedures are essential.

The Evacusafe Evacuation Chair is an ideal mobile solution to ensure options in the case of any emergency, especially where you need to evacuate non-able bodied people down a stair case and across floors to exit the hospital safely.

Our evacuation chairs are ideal for private hospitals and care homes, as well as NHS establishments, due to the cost-effective nature of the Evacusafe product range.

We also sell two types of Patient Transport Chair which are comonly used in hospitals, care homes and by Ambulance services; the 4 Wheel Transit Chair and the 2 Wheel Transit Chair.

A cheaper emergency evacuation solution is the increasingly popular Evacualider range. The Evacuslider is a modern version of the rescue-sheet / sled used in many hospitals. Evacusliders provide a safe evacuation solution by sliding patients to safety, in a comfortable manner, and are especially useful on stairways and narrow corridors. We offer two types of Evaculisder; the Excel Evacuslider and the Standard Evacuslider.

Evacuation chairs for hospitals