Evacuation Chairs for Restaurants

As well as offering an enjoyable customer experience in a restaurant, there is also the ongoing need to ensure the highest levels of health and safety for customers.

The evacuation chair from Evacusafe offers you a practical, easy to use solution for your restaurant and utilised in case of an emergency. The evacuation chair folds flat and can be stored directly by the staircase, in a signed cupboard or an area close to the emergency exit.

Restaurant with tables dressed nicely

Portable evacuation chairs for Restaurants of all sizes

The Evacusafe evacuation chair folds to a suitable size for storage so is perfect for:

  • Large restaurant chains
  • Small family restaurants
  • First floor restaurants
  • Bistro and Cafes
  • Company canteens and cafeterias

Our evacuation chairs are perfect for almost any restaurant. For more information about how we can help fulfill the safety obligations in your restaurant/s, please contact us today.