Health & Safety Advice | Ten Things Employers Need To Know

As an employer, you are required to follow health and safety law to ensure that your workplace is safe and it's important that the regulations are accurately followed.

10 point Health and Safety Summary

1. Carry out a risk assessment

Identify any potential hazards and evaluate the extent of the risks to your employees and take appropriate action. A further assessment should be carried out after an accident has occurred.

2. Record your health and safety arrangements

Such arrangements typically include planning, organising, controlling, monitoring and undertaking a review of the 'protective and preventative measures' that are in place. You must appoint at least one competent assistant to help you with these tasks.

3. Only employ competent people

You must not employ children under school-leaving age unless their employment is part of an authorised scheme.

4. Create contacts with external services

Compile contact numbers of first aid assistance and emergency medical care for when injuries arise.

5. Provide comprehensive health and safety information to all your employees (including temporary staff)

Inform them of the health and safety risks, the preventative and protective measures in place and the name of your competent assistant. Be aware of communication issues such as language differences.

6. Provide safety arrangements for employees of other companies on your site

Provide appropriate instructions and information.

7. Provide and deliver safety training

Train employees as part of induction, upon transfer to a new job or area or when new equipment is introduced. Keep training records as evidence of this.

8. Your employees

Make sure that your employees let you know of any health and safety shortcomings.

9. Investigate an accident

If an accident occurs, make a record of your findings during your investigation.

10. Keep all records

Log all the above actions taken.