Powered Stair Climbers

Evacusafe recently announced a brand new partnership with respected Powered Stair Climber Company Sano.  Therefore Evacusafe are now able to sell and distribute the three most popular models throughout the UK.

Powered Stair Climbers are designed to effortlessly manoeuvre a mobility impaired person, or otherwise disabled person with mobility issues, up & down steps or stairways.

All models are extremely versatile & easy-to-use.  Whilst some come with a comfortable seat already built-in, other models are designed to carry a wheelchair and patient with safety, comfort and ease-of-use being of paramount importance.

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PTS 160 Stair Climber

Equipped with a comfortable seat and anti-slip rubber-surfaced folding armrests, the PTS is the ideal stairclimber for in and around the house. The compact design of the PT S makes it especially suitable for use on narrow or winding staircases.

PT Fold 130/160 Stair Climber

Fitted with 200 mm diameter wheels and a track width of 297 mm, the PT Fold is the ideal stairclimber for very steep and narrowwinding stairs. By simply folding up the stairclimber the PT Fold can be stowed in any vehicle. The seat is removable and washable for easy cleaning.

To discuss your requirements and the best solution for you, please enquire via the UK Head Office on 01256 332723 or info@evacusafe.net. The team will also be able to advise you with regards to product demontsrations, sales, training and servicing options.

PTS 160 Stair Climber PT  Fold 130/160  tair Climber PT  Fold 130/160  tair Climber